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Today’s situation presented a challenge on how to achieve the Award when the Health authorities are encouraging us to stay at home. So, in line with guidelines from The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation, the Award has been adapted so that youths now have the possibility to do 3 sections of their Award from home. These sections are: Service, Skill and Physical Recreation.

For the fourth section, the Adventurous Journey (AJ), youths can still get trained and start planning their AJ online, however, the Adventurous Journey will then have to be carried out once we are given the go ahead to start going out in groups again after COVID-19.

Looking at the current circumstance presents Award participants an opportunity to rethink their goals for each section of their Award, and adjust those goals and activities, so that they will be achievable from home. All you have to do, is inform your Award leader on what your new choices for each section are and present enough evidence, photos and videos of you doing the Skill, Service and Physical Recreation from home. Participants can upload this evidence on their ORB. Once your leader approves that you have indeed did an hour a week for each section, a substantial part of your Award will be ready! All that will be left to do is your Adventurous Journey with your group, because planning and training for your AJ can both be done online. (and the Residential for Gold Award participants – which for the time being has to be postponed).

Let’s not waste the coming months we have at home and actively work on achieving the Award from home! Let’s use this time for personal development, while taking care of our physical and mental health.

Stay home. Stay safe. But stay active!


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