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The Forum in 2015 in Toronto, accepted the proposal by the Constitution Review Team to replace the rather rigid Constitution, which had governed the International Award Association since it was formed in 1988, with a more flexible Memorandum of Understanding.

Furthermore, the Forum agreed to make this transition outside the normal routine by holding an electronic ballot of the current membership of the Association before the next Forum in 2018. The International Council was delegated the task to approve the final version of the Memorandum of Understanding following consultation with the Association through the Regional Conferences held during 2016.

At the International Council meeting, held on 1st and 2nd November 2016, it was agreed that the text of the Memorandum of Understanding be circulated to all current members of the Association with the International Council’s unanimous recommendation that it be adopted in place of the Constitution.

The text was circulated in December 2016.

The motion

The International Council agreed the wording of a motion.

The International Council, recognising that the legal relationship governing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is managed by the licensing of Award Operators, recommends the adoption of the attached Memorandum of Understanding, in place of the present Constitution of the International Award Association and commends the said Memorandum of Understanding as the basis upon which the Award will henceforth conduct its business.Do you agree with this recommendation of the International Council?

The result

The ballot was open to voting between the 6 January 2017 and the 31 March 2017, using the independent services of

Because the ballot concerned a constitutional issue, a majority forming two thirds or more of cast votes was needed to carry the motion.

There were 39 eligible voters and 39 votes were cast.


The motion was therefore carried.

These results can also be viewed on the Electionrunner website


John May,

Secretary General

31 March 2017

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