Getting Started

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Hey you’ve decided to go for it? Well done, you’re about to start an amazing adventure. You’ve started creating some good memories right here!!

Here are some easy steps to get started :

Find your nearest Award Authority. It may be your school, local council, youth group or company. If you’re not sure where to look contact the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Malta (Click here).

Once you’ve identified your closest centre you need to complete a registration form and pay a small fee which will cover admin costs and support as well as your subscription fee to your ORB. (Online Record Book).

Choose your Award Level

There are three levels to the Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Its now time to decide where you should get started. Your age, and the level of commitment you are willing to give will determine which level is suitable for you. You can check out more details about the Award Levels here.

Next, choose your activities

Its now time to start choosing what activities you want to do. This is the best thing about the Award Programme, as your activities are custom made for you – by you!! Finally do communicate with your Award Leader about your choices and they can advise you and confirm that your choices fit into the chosen section.

Find your Assessors

For each section of your Award you will need an Assessor. The Assessor must have some experience or qualification in the chosen activity. They will assess your progress, record it and sign of your record for that activity as proof that you have achieved the requirements. Again, your Award Leader will guide you in your choice of Assessor.

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