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It is said that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Perhaps the most personal of all The Duke of Ed sections, the Service Section is all about giving back to the community. Through this section we hope to develop participants’ skills, leadership qualities and self-worth by volunteering their service in order to help others as well as to help create a caring and compassionate community. Through regular commitment, we hope that participants will begin to form a lifelong habit of voluntary service and community involvement.

What counts as Service?

Participants can get involved in various activities depending on available resources or opportunities; however, one should be careful not to pick activities that are too similar to the chosen Physical Recreation or Skills activities in order to ensure the essential balance of the overall Award.

Participants may find opportunities for practical service in several areas such as youth work, community education and health education, environmental service, charity work, as well as emergency services.

What is the Commitment?

The average minimum time to be spent on the Service section over this time period is one hour per week, although in a structured environment, such as being a voluntary youth leader, the weekly sessions may be longer than one hour and participants would be expected to be involved for the entire session, so as to contribute in a meaningful way. The duration depends on the Award Level as follows:

Award LevelMinimum TimeIf service chosen as longest section
Bronze3 Months6 Months
Silver6 Months12 Months (only for participants who are not Bronze Award Holders)
Gold12 Months18 Months (only for participants who are not Silver award Holders)

How is it assessed?

Steps to get started

  1. Plan your chosen activity. Use SMART Goals. You should feel confident that you have set yourself reasonable targets in terms of commitment and achievement.
  2. Discuss your activity with your Award Leader and ensure that your chosen activity is suitable for this section of the Award.
  3. Do Carry out the activity subject to the requirements and agreed timelines, provide evidence and record your progress in the Online Record Book (Link) or in a diary.
  4. Review your progress with your Award Leader and with your Assessor regularly