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The Adventurous Journey is all about taking young people out of their comfort zone and encouraging a spirit of adventure by undertaking an expedition or exploration in a group. Participants have the opportunity to engage in a challenging yet safe and secure setting achieved through suitable training and supervision with the chance to learn more about their surroundings, as well as develop their self-confidence, teamwork and health.

What counts as an Adventurous Journey?

The venture must have an agreed purpose and should be undertaken in a small team within an unfamiliar environment, requiring determination, physical effort, perseverance, co-operation and planning to complete.There are three types of journey which qualify under this section: Exploration, Expedition or Other Adventurous Journey (for participants 18+). Examples of such journeys may include exploring the natural world such as coastal studies or river valleys, exploring historic land use, or completing a demanding journey by foot or other non-motorised assistance.

What is the Commitment?

Participants need to have the appropriate skills to undertake the journey, and so must undergo relevant training beforehand. This training needs to be given by a suitably qualified or experienced instructor. Skills which might require training include first aid and emergency procedures, necessary equipment and how to use it, route planning, navigation, camp craft and cooking. Once the journey is complete, the team is expected to work together to produce a report. The report should tell the story of their preparation for, and conduct of, the qualifying journey, which will then be presented to their Assessor.

How is it assessed?

LevelDaysNightsMinimum hours of purposeful effortMinimum amount of purposeful effort per day

Throughout the qualifying assessment, at least one third of the minimum hours of planned effort should be spent on journeying. The distance covered throughout the journey will depend on the speed of the team, which should be established in the practice journeys and should then inform the planning of the qualifying journey.

Steps to get started

  1. Plan your chosen activity. Use SMART Goals. You should feel confident that you have set yourself reasonable targets in terms of commitment and achievement.
  2. Discuss your activity with your Award Leader and ensure that your chosen activity is suitable for this section of the Award.
  3. Do Carry out the activity subject to the requirements and agreed timelines, provide evidence and record your progress in the Online Record Book (Link) or in a diary.
  4. Review your progress with your Award Leader and with your Assessor regularly.