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On Friday 24th March The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Malta had the honour of saying a huge thank you to Marion Cilia at the Salini Resort.

This year Marion retired from the International Award after being involved, in one form or another, for some 50 years! Testament to the importance of her contributions is the fact the Her Excellency, the President of Malta Marie Louise Coleiro Preca attended and gave a speech commending Marion’s efforts.

The essence of Marion is her passion, commitment and energy. The International Award gave her the opportunity to travel but she always returned to Malta with new contacts and ideas: she is an outstanding networker. This enabled her to organize and hold numerous events and exchanges on Malta that brought kudos to the Island and to the Award itself – and created the foundations that the Award is built on today.

The President’s Award, forerunner to the International Award, was developed and grew under the watchful, focused eye of Marion and it should be stated that for majority of the time she volunteered her services.

Marion will always be special to the International Award. So many people and participants have been helped, encouraged and taught by her and been inspired by the positive influence that has been one of her trademarks.

She was presented with an album containing letters of thanks and photos from the Award around the world, a certificate of commendation from the International Award and a present of jewellery from the Award in Malta.

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