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This message is just to bring you all up to speed with some of the changes that are occurring with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Malta.

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You may realise by now that there is a new National Director, Ms Debbie Vella. Debbie is a Gold Award holder, a teacher and is fully dedicated to the role. There is also a new role, Director for Development – that’s me – Mick Wright. I am a retired School-Master now living in Gozo but have also been involved with the Award both here and in the UK for many years. Currently, I am a trainer for the International Award.
Our roles are still evolving but if you have questions regarding budget, policy or licensing, go to Debbie. If you have PR, marketing or media questions, come to me. Either of us will be happy to help you start! I will also deal with any GOZO issues.
We both want to take the Award forward and are in the process of building structures to enable this to take place. Please be patient!

Starting as soon as we can we intend to instigate/develop the following:

  1. A monthly, pictorial Newsletter, with both National and International Award news. This will include contributions from volunteers and participants.
  2. An active website with pages to celebrate the work done by GAHA, Scouts, Guides and Educational Institutions in the Award. There will also be links to training areas, other Maltese sites and the International site. Once again contributions will be welcomed.
  3. More active Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  4. A programme to try and make people more aware of what the Award is all about, including establishing better relationships with Friends of the Award and increasing their number.
  5. Working closely with the Ministry of Education in a serious attempt to get more Schools (both State and Private) doing the Award.
  6. Establish a better working relationship with those Institutions already doing the Award and facilitating their efforts.
  7. Creating a clearer and more practical training programme including online resources.
  8. Visits to you all to answer questions and more importantly, get ideas.
  9. Working closely with a dynamic and dedicated Council.

You may think this is impossible? It isn’t – but it will take some time and effort and we WILL need your support. We have many other ideas that will take time to put into place and the principle of the Newsletter is to keep you informed. We both appreciate that not everything will work out as we intend but if you don’t try……

Internationally we also have a new Regional Director: Ms Melissa Stoakes. Melissa knows Malta and many of the volunteers involved. I know she will be very supportive but WE need to create the impetus and energy to begin the changes here.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an amazing, non-formal programme that works for the benefit of young people around the planet: in this day and age what they do OUTSIDE of the classroom is stunningly important and we have the opportunity to get their efforts recognised.

As mentioned, Debbie and I will need your help and support. If you have any suggestions please contact either of us on [email protected] or [email protected]

We both look forward to working with you all.

Best Wishes,

Mick (Director for Development)

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