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Physical Recreation

The expression “ If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” couldn’t be a truer statement with regards to our body. Lack of exercise can have a multitude of negative impacts on our general health and fitness. Regular exercise helps to prevent disease, strenghtens and tones our body, controls our weight and generally improves our quality of life. Through this section we hope to introduce or encourage participants to commit to physical recreation as a way of life, resulting in a healthy mind and body and improved self-esteem.

What counts as Physical Activity?

Physical activity is any sport, dance or fitness activity – in short, anything that requires effort and breaks you out into a sweat. Sedentary activities, which however may be classified as a sport, may not be suitable for this section buy will probably fit into the Skills section very nicely.

The aim of this section is that you are participating regularly and showing perseverence and personal improvement. A physical activity you are already doing can count towards your Award as long as it meets all the criteria mentioned above, but you may wish to challenge yourself with something new.

Remember to choose an activity that you will enjoy and where you can progress at a pace which is manageable for you.

What is the commitment?

As all the other sections commitment plays an important part – by commitment we mean at least one hour per week, although to improve your fitness and well being you would need a more frequent commitment. The duration depends on the Award Level as follows :


Minimum time:  3 Months

If physical recreation is chosen as the longest section: 6Months


Minimum time: 6 Months

If physical recreation is chosen as the longest section: 12 months (only for participants who are not bronze award holders)


Minimum time: 12 Months

If physical recreation is chosen as the longest section: 18 months (only for participants who are not silver award holders)

How is it assessed?

For each section of the Award you must have an approved assessor. This will be an adult chosen by yourself or perhaps suggested by your Award Leader. The person must just be suitably qualified or experienced in your chosen activity. Your Assessor will follow you progress in your physical activity whilst taking note of your perseverence and effort. At the end of your required participation period, the Assessor will confirm that you have kept your commitment and have shown adequate progress in your fitness level and knowledge of the activity undertaken.stamp 2

Steps to get started

  1. Plan your chosen activity. Use Smart Goals. You should feel confident that you have set yourself reasonable targets in terms of commitment and achievement.
  2. Discuss your activity with your Award Leader and ensure that your chosen activity is suitable for this section of the Award.
  3. Do Carry out the activity subject to the requirements and agreed timelines, provide evidence and recording your progress in the Online Record Book (Link) or in a diary.
  4. Review your progress with your Award Leader and with your Assessor regularly.