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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Malta is the National Award Authority (NAA) for the Maltese islands. It is the delegated authority in Malta to deliver the Award, bound to rules set out by the International Body of the Award which ensures the responsible and correct delivery of the Award to young people in Malta.

The National Award Authority licenses Operating Authorities to deliver the Award Programme to their members.

Award Units can be
  • Schools
  • Post-Secondary Educational Institutions
  • Universities
  • Sports Clubs
  • Social or Community Clubs
  • Companies
  • or anywhere there is a group of Youths and an Adult willing to train as the Award Leader. (train : link to training page) Contact us to learn more about becoming an Operating Authority for the Award in Malta.
Licenced Operating Authorities

The Scout Association of Malta

In Progress
  • Malta Girl Guides
  • Ministry of Education
  • Individual Units