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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Malta set up a Malta Foundation in May 2014. The purpose and objectives of the Foundation are as follows :

  • To operate the Award Programme in Malta and approve such Awards in accordance with the Award Principles of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People;
  • To comply with, attain and maintain the Fundamental Standards and the minimum required standards for a National Award Authority;
  • To enter into a Full Licence Agreement with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation within five years of the grant of the Conditional Licence given in 2013;
  • To support and aid the development of the Award Programme in Malta and to participate in the regional/world promotion of the Award to youths around the globe;

Supervisory Council (also known as The Board of Trustees)

The Foundation has a Supervisory Council which has the power and the duty to exercise supervision over the acts of the National Committee whilst also supporting them in carrying out their duties.

The members to serve as Trustees on the Supervisory Council are:

Mr Kenneth De Martino (Chairman)

Mrs Janatha Stubbs

Mr George Farrugia

Major Ray Miller

Mr. Charles J. Cilia

Ms. Stephanie Falzon

Ms. Lara Tonna

Mr. Ian Restall


The Foundation also has a National Commitee, appointed for a period of three years. Members may be reappointed for successive periods.


National Committee

The National Director in conjunction with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees has  also appointed the following members to the National Committee to support in the day to day work necessary in order to deliver the Award:

Debbie Vella (National Director)

Michael Wright

Ruth Baldacchino Scerri

Tania Bezzina

Richard Bonnici

Mark Micallef

Madeleine De Martino

Marie Claire Vella (Secretary to National Committee)